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The Groom


A little bit about us

A little bit about Us

We’ve known each other since 2001, when Sheetal was 14 and Dave was 17. Young, wild but not free.

Depending on who you ask about who fell for whom first, you will not get the same answer but one thing we can agree on is that during our 7 years of friendship, we had a crush for each other all along. That only grew stronger when we were both in the right place at the right time.. with the right person. What happened next? Magic happened.

On the beautiful December 1st, 2008 night, when 2 stars and a crescent of the moon formed a smiley face on the sky, we had our first romantic date. Then we decided to take our relationship to the next level and became exclusive. Looking up at the smiling moon on the Bangkok sky that night, we knew we finally got it right.

All through our 5 and a half years relationship, we’ve had our shares of laughters and tears, ups and downs and everything else like the other couples. What makes us come back to each other at the end of the day are the good memories that we had built together along the way, the never-ending love and care that we have for each other, the kind of laughter that we have only when we are with each other, the indescribable content feeling that fills our heart when we are together and the longing for one another when we are apart. All of these things outweigh all the problems that we have and that makes us find a way to be with each other again. Every time. It only takes one person, but the right person.. and we know we are that ‘person’ for each other.

We’ve grown up together, learned to love each other the way we are, appreciated each other’s thoughts, efforts, supports, kindness and love. Kids we were then, adults we are now, in love, we still are and always will be.


Are getting married in

And You're Invited

Island Day Trip

The Day we take a boat trip together

We board the boat at

the beach infront of
Hard Rock Cafe, Pattaya, Thailand

starting from 9:00 AM until the sunset on June 13th, 2014

Engagement Party

The Day we put on the rings

Celebration will be held at

Infini Pool, Royal Cliff Beach Resort
Pattaya, Thailand

starting from 5:00 PM until midnight on June 14th, 2014

Wedding Ceremony

The Day we get married

Ceremony will be held at

Hindu Samaj, Near Sao Chingcha
Bangkok, Thailand

starting from 7:00 PM onwards on June 20th, 2014

Love is a decision not an emotion or a feeling,
that if made from the heart will outlast anything


We know weddings can be expensive and most of you will be travelling to the wedding and staying the night. To help, we've decided your presence is the only present we need.

If you need to contact us, feel free to call the Groom at 0896086008

We hope to see you there!

Thank you for your wishes

Hey guys you all seem to be putting real effort, all the best and we are looking forward to be a part of the celebrations. I saw the video you guys make a grt couple.Amaan27 May '14 12:07:12

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Rani Sachdev27 May '14 13:40:42

Congrats!! Finally the new journey between u two is starting... Wish you both a happy marriage, if u need any help pls feel free!!!Rashami27 May '14 14:59:28

CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!! Just saw the pre-wedding trailer and we gotta say the shoes rock! Oh yea and both of you were looking great as well. We wish both of you all the best and we will definitely be there to celebrate with you guys. Thank you for the invite, CHEERSChojy Kukreja27 May '14 21:17:48

Loads of love and best wishes to the both of you!Shobz27 May '14 22:42:39

big big congrats! See you there!Jinny27 May '14 23:07:52

"Congratz guys!!! So so so happy for u guys n thx q so mch for invited me ♥♥♥♥♥ Life has its ups n downs. Hold your hands tight cuz there will be just you two from now till the end..♥♥♥♥♥"Kik28 May '14 8:22:16

"Im sooooooooooooooooooooo happpppy for you guys. Also one of the best invitations ive seen in a long long time! CONGRATS!"Pree!!!!28 May '14 9:59:57

will see both of you there!Pawinee Santichalanan28 May '14 10:09:37

CONGRATS!! finally the time has come, looking forward to the wedding of the year!AMAN28 May '14 13:07:51

Congratulations! awesome invitation.. see you at the wedding.Vinny28 May '14 14:38:44

Rock on.Veera28 May '14 14:43:23

Dave you better be on time for your wedding.Rajveer Sachdev28 May '14 14:57:23

I'm so excited for you guys! Its gonna be an amazing wedding! Oh, and the video is extremely extremely sweet! Congrats guys! Love you! <3Anjali28 May '14 15:01:06

Congratulations! Here's to many years of marital bliss! You two look like a great couple, and I'm happy for the both of you.Dan Dorothy28 May '14 21:24:27

Stay cool stay chill stay blessed and love each other as much as you could.. Also be readyyyyyyt!!!!Mafia28 May '14 22:33:29

Congrats broKaran Sachasiri28 May '14 22:58:07

Your wedding invitation is beautiful. I can't wait to see two people so in love finally be taking vows together❤️Nita29 May '14 0:03:37

wish you a bright and lovely future aheadAmjad Abbas29 May '14 0:24:21

"Congratulations, Tal and Dave! I wish you all the best to the new chapter of your life. A big change is never easy but it sure is easier when you're in it with someone you love and loves you. Here I give you my favorite quote, “The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.” See you on your wedding days!! Pear"Pear Pattra29 May '14 1:02:33

ดีใจด้วย น้องสาว....chakrit29 May '14 3:25:35

"Congratulations to both of you on your beautiful day ! Believe me down from the bottom of my heart I want to attend your big day but the wanderlust is still has a hold on me Invite me to your baby's birthday next time I will surely make it :) Smile, Alvin the wanderer"Alvin the wanderer29 May '14 5:04:04

Congratulations !! wishing you all the best for your future life.KY29 May '14 10:12:35

Congratulations!! Will see you soon. It will be P'Kwang and Prince coming along krap.Prince Malhotra29 May '14 12:25:51

Congratulations!!!cant wait for the partyPinky29 May '14 14:08:43

Many thanks for your invitation,Anchalee Chanmala29 May '14 18:23:37

"Thank you for the invitation but unfortunately we can't join you on your special days. Good luck and best wishes for your future together. Love Jess and Mukesh Thakkar."Jess and mukesh Thakkar29 May '14 21:06:30

TAL...CONGRATULATIONS to you again naja!!! <3 It's the day, we, girls have been waiting for you! see you soon ja!Jane Chatjen29 May '14 21:44:55

"Love is not always perfect. It is not like fairytales and not always come easy. But love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges together, fighting to be together and never letting each other go. Its a short word that is easy to spell, difficult to define, and impossible to live without. Love is work, but most of all, love is realizing that every second every hour, every minute, every hour, is worth it because you guys did it tohether. So here is to love, laughter, and happily ever after! Luv you both!"kavita (kvt)29 May '14 21:49:28

Hi guys I cannot promise that I will attend the last two functions because my sisters wedding is on the same day as yours. But will still try my best . Thank you so much for the inviteArjun Sachaphimukh30 May '14 14:33:39

Looking forward to celebrate with you....Orawan Chanchuea and Ian Nicholson31 May '14 9:26:31

What a romantic handsome couple you make ! So honored to be invited through Aunty Sue. Love to be part of this special celebration bring back Indian memories . Thank you so much. Lela / LaylaLela Aukes31 May '14 11:26:00

Can't waitvorasa srichaikul01 Jun '14 9:04:48

love you guyz n my best wishes re always with u. always and foreversunaina01 Jun '14 19:48:53

"Congratulations guys! So happy for both of you :)"Shalini01 Jun '14 20:13:55